The cornerstone of the relationship between Kenzer Executives and our clients is trust. Our first priorities are the needs of our clients. We treat each client company as though it was our own.

Our expert knowledge of the industries we serve is compounded by our successful history in executive search and experience in executive roles. We deliver excellent results every time using respect, efficiency and intuition to help our clients attain their goals.

Kenzer Group Bio - Bob Jackman

Bob Jackman
Managing Partner, New York Office
(207) 200-6605
Bob Jackman Bio

Kenzer Group Bio - Neil Schor

Neil Schor
Managing Partner, Atlanta Office
(770) 509-6764
Neil Schor Bio

Kenzer Group Bio - Lou Jankovic

Lou Jankovic
Managing Partner, New York Office
(917) 934-3114
Lou Jankovic Bio

Kenzer Group Bio - Linda Clark

Linda Clark
Managing Director, Texas Office
(972) 960-9932
Linda Clark Bio